Loved the baby massage course, thoroughly educational and Swati was brilliant with my baby. The massage sequence is now part of our daily routine, and creates a lovely bonding opportunity. D’s tummy time has vastly improved, and she now enjoys it! My husband liked the Saturday dad only session. Boosted his confidence in being alone with baby and has given him an activity to do with her. I finally got a couple of hours to myself during, added bonus! There are many baby massage courses around, but I haven’t found any taught by an experienced child physiotherapist. Swati focused on techniques directly linked to helping hit developmental milestones. The sessions are jam packed and personalised to your baby. Highly recommend!

Thank you Swati for teaching us baby massage – I loved trying all the different strokes whilst learning about their development. We now do daily tummy time sessions and her dad feels much more confident handling her after the dads-only session! Will definitely be recommending to pregnant friends.
Lauren F

Thanks a lot for the massage classes. Shehnai’s really been enjoying it, especially before bedtime. The massage has significantly reduced her wind and constipation and has helped her get more restful sleep. I found your tips on encouraging more tummy time very useful and have been using the methods you’ve shown every day.
Rakhee H

Swati, thanks for a great baby massage course and all the great tips for baby development. I really enjoyed it and Jake loves the massages!

Swati thanks for your fantastic baby massage instruction. Will be recommending you to all pregnant friends!
Nicola M and L

Thank you for the amazing massage classes. All the mum’s loved it and the babies had a great time. The strokes are already helping the mums with babies who have wind, gas, constipation etc, definitely helping me 🙂 Ethan has been doing tummy time and starting to lift his head which is awesome to see. He loves his massage and looks forward to it everyday! It helps to relax him and he has a better sleep after the massage. Once again thank you and I will highly recommend it to all the mums!! 🙂
Anita S

My baby and I thoroughly enjoyed Swati’s baby massage course. Her expertise as a physiotherapist really sets the course apart from other courses. It was great to learn how the massage techniques assist babies’ development.
Practising the techniques we learned has really helped us to bond, relaxes us both and is good fun. I would not hesitate to recommend the course.

I attended a short baby massage course run by Swati with my 3 month old. We both really enjoyed it. I found it a great way to connect with my baby and we have incorporated some of the techniques into our daily routine. My baby finds it both relaxing and calming and the tummy massage has really helped her digestion. Swati made the sessions both fun and informative. She is very knowledgeable about child development and I felt reassured to be in the hands of a professional. I would highly recommend her course to anyone with a small baby.

Thank you so much for taking such a wonderful baby message course for the dad’s. All the babies loved it and more importantly the dads learnt a thing or too. It was great having a professional give advice on how our baby is physically progressing and techniques to eliminate bad movement patterns.
I could not recommend you enough to all parents with babies, a really good experience.