How is physiotherapy with a child different to an adult?
Physiotherapy for a child is very different to an adult for a number of reasons;
– Specialist knowledge of the growing skeleton is essential as well as normal development.
– A range of communication skills are vital in order to build rapport and trust both with the child and parent.
– Exercise to strengthen certain muscles especially in the younger age groups is done through structured play as opposed to regimented exercise.

What ages do you treat?
Children between the age of 0 – 16 years.

Different prices will apply depending on the appointment location.

What will happen at the appointment?
You and your child will be asked a number of questions relating to your child’s presenting problem, general health and lifestyle. A full assessment of your child’s joints, muscles and posture will be completed. It is advisable to ensure adequate clothing be worn i.e shorts and t shirt/vest.

How long does the appointment last?
The first appointment may last up to an hour. Follow up appointments will be 30-45mins. All children must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian for appointments.

What happens at the end of the appointment?
Following the assessment, all findings will be explained to you and your and child. An outline of a management programme will be discussed with demonstration of a home exercise programme. All exercises will be documented and where appropriate a progression/sticker chart will also be provided.
Your co-operation in ensuring your child complies with these exercises is vital to a successful outcome.