Thanks again for all your wise words last week! I think your message is really simple and quite different to a lot of existing information I had read as new mum- instead of learning about what products you can get to look after your child, your message seems to be about tapping into your and your baby’s abilities and making the most of them, building confidence in a fun way (instead of looking for a product to build confidence or the possibility of making life ‘easier’). I’ve taken on your advice and we’re just using a mat and toys at home (no bouncer, bumbo or hanging door frame jumperoos so far!). Thank you so much for spreading the message about tummy time, starting it from day 1 has made such a difference, as my baby loves being on his tummy and I now understand how important this is for his development.

In March 2015, following an unexpected and dramatic fall at school, I had knee surgery for an osteochondral defect which left a 2cm piece of bone lodged behind my knee cap (and secured me eight weeks off school). I began to see Swati two weeks after my surgery and from then onwards, had weekly appointments until September 2017.
In that year and a half; I progressed from two crutches, to one crutch to walking normally. I moved from having acute, daily pain to hardly any at all. I was given weekly exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knee, and Swati went above and beyond to ensure I was getting the medical attention I needed.
In short, Swati, with her warmth, kindness, diligence and humour, brought light and colour to my recovery (as well as laughter, 90s RnB and firm words of encouragement about GCSE revision!).
I cannot recommend her highly enough and any future patients of hers are incredibly lucky.
Thank you, Swati.

Fred is doing well, playing sport again, getting battered and bruised on the rugby pitch, but no issues with the ankle! We often think of you and are so glad that we met you. Here are some words from Fred:

Thank you Swati for making my ankle better! I had Severs, then broke my left ankle, and then my right ankle which did not heal properly. I was not able to do any sport (which I love!) for nearly a year and was feeling really sad and frustrated. Then I met you and you made me feel like I would get better again. The exercises we did made me strong again, and you made me laugh. I am running and playing rugby again. Thank you very much Swati!
Catherine and Fred (12 years old)

We were very happy with Swati during what was a very tense period following our son’s injury. She was very caring and yet disciplined and had a no-nonsense approach which was easy to deal with. Very professional.
Would love to say that we would be repeat customers, but given the nature of her work, we hope we don’t have to see her again (in a professional capacity). She comes highly recommended!
Eliane, Mother of 10-year old boy

Swati Bhagat treated my daughter Hannah after she dislocated her right shoulder whilst swimming at school. When we came to see Swati, Hannah had her shoulder immobilised and was feeling very low as it had been suggested to her that she would never play her favourite sports, such as netball, again.

Swati was so diligent and thorough in treating Hannah. She immediately sought the advice of shoulder specialists, arranging for Hannah to have thorough assessments. Swati also helped us to arrange for a consultant’s opinion who recommended an MRI of Hannah’s shoulder to ascertain the nature of the dislocation and subsequent treatment. Because of Swati’s swift and considerate intervention in Hannah’s treatment, Hannah was able to exercise and move her shoulder, starting rehabilitation and strengthening exercises.

Swati worked so well with Hannah to build Hannah’s confidence along with her shoulder strength and co-ordination. Hannah improved so much under Swati’s guidance that Hannah managed to get into the netball squad at school and to play the sports she loves.

I really believe that it was due to Swati’s diligence and professionalism that Hannah has been able to regain the full use of her shoulder and play sports once again. She really knew how to engage with Hannah, being able to talk to Hannah in a way that encouraged her whilst showing that she understood her. She is a fantastic children’s physiotherapist and I would highly commend her for her work with my daughter.
Rachael (London)

We self-referred to Swati for some help in relation to my 12 year old daughter’s hip joint pain. On her advice we then saw a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who referred my daughter back to Swati for more treatment. Her initial instincts were spot on, her programme of treatment was 100% effective, she was funny, kind and empathic and my daughter is now pain free and has resumed all her normal activities. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Tracy (London)

Swati really helped me with my hip pain. She was really kind and funny and although she gave me a lot of exercises to do they really helped me! Tara, aged 12

We were referred to Swati by our paediatrician, since we were a bit anxious, as our 17 month toddler girl was not walking freely, without holding on to furniture. First and foremost, we found Swati’s attitude and good humour refreshing.
Swati was very reassuring, and took charge over the situation from the start. She identified that it was lack of confidence which was holding our little one back and took action immediately. Swati takes no prisoners! Already in the first session she made the little one work (waiving off any concessions that her parents made for her) and within the hour there were already homework and parental assignments. It was as soon as the third session that the little one started walking on her own, right in time for nursery the following week!!
We would recommend Swati to any parent who fears that there is even a slight problem with their child’s advancement, she is professional, honest, straightforward and simply a delight!
Yoni & Yael (London)

The physio that my daughter has received has been outstanding. Swati has managed to provide us with a specific physio routine which has made all the difference to her pain levels. It has meant a lot of commitment but the progress has been amazing. Her pain levels have been greatly reduced in her day to day activities. Being a childrens physio, Swati communicates in an age appropriate manner with a sense of humour and understanding.
Sarah (Kent)

Swati’s initial assessment of my daughter’s hypermobility was very thorough. She prescribed an achievable regime of exercise and motivated her to do it through educating my daughter about her condition and suggesting good strategies for her to record her own progress. Follow up appointments monitored progress, reassessed and were always encouraging. Swati directed us to helpful websites and resources and liaised with my daughter’s school to educate and establish needed support. My daughter’s condition has significantly improved thanks to Swati’s realistic and motivational approach. I would highly recommend Swati.
Mrs L A (Waltham Abbey)

Swati is an excellent physio. She was great at encouraging me and getting me to do my exercises so that my hypermobility improved, which it has massively, thanks to Swati’s treatment and help in the exercise she set me. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a physio.
Rebekah age 15 yrs (Waltham Abbey)

The friends we’ve made at our NCT group now have regular get-together events and one which I organised was to have Swati come and show us how to make the most of the Baby Development milestones and assess the babies for plagiocephaly and generally give some advice on the physical mobility of the babies (a sort of MOT). I found this session very informative as there was no-one who gave me any advice after my daughter had been assessed at birth by the hospital paediatrician. Swati also gave me some one to one guidance on ways to encourage Marissa to crawl and sit, it was amazing how it really worked.
The one thing I have found from becoming a new mother is, there is a lot of guidance and advice before you have your baby and what to expect during the birth but there isn’t anywhere to go for help in recognising development milestones and the importance of them. Thank you Swati.
Kelly and Marissa (London)

I have been having physiotherapy with Swati for over a year now. I was initially diagnosed with patella tendonitis, which resulted in me not being able to play my favourite sport rugby, as well as being told I shouldn’t play it full stop. Swati was very positive and always encouraging, which helped me complete the programme she put me on. Following the programme I was able to make a recovery and am now back to playing full time.
Will age 16 yrs (Kent)

Swati has worked with my twelve-year old daughter for seven months now and in that time Helena has made real progress under Swati’s guidance. She has been fantastic at striking up a really good relationship with Helena, which has been – in my view – the key to Helena’s progress; Swati has taught Helena the exercises and given her the motivation so that Helena then does them properly at home herself. Swati is fun, engaging and proactive; she is extremely professional and I trust all of her advice.  She is the best physio we have come across and has played an instrumental role in Helena’s recovery.
Sally (London)

Swati has made me work really hard to make my leg better but it never feels too much like hard work because she’s always really chatty and takes my mind off how tired I am!  
Helena age 12 yrs (London)

When I first met Swati I was 17 months old and had just recovered from a serious case of pneumonia which left me so weak that I could not even hold my head up.
Fast forward two months and a few crying spells (ok lots of crying spells), Swati has turned me into a happy toddler who crawls, climbs and cruises all over. No matter how hard my parents try they cannot find a situation that leaves me stranded. The sessions were so fun that I almost forgot that they were part of my recovery 🙂 I cannot speak highly enough of Swati! Big kiss
Mahmoud, aged 18months (on behalf of Mr and Mrs Diallo)

Our son was 17 months old when our Paediatrician referred us to Swati having been diagnosed with Hypotonia. We did not expect him to walk for some time and knew we were faced with a journey which required great patience and a firm commitment from us all. Swati was very professional and knowledgeable. She observed when needed, recommended diagnostic tests, liaised with our Paediatrician and pushed when she knew Nathaniel could meet and conquer challenges. With great perseverance and a big dose of confidence on all our parts, he finally walked. An achievement even he knew should be celebrated. Swati allays your concerns and arms you with the tools to continue working together to achieve the desired goal. She is realistic and fully committed. It also helps that she is bundles of fun.

My 13 year old daughter had to give up dancing, was unable to run and frequently had an unstable knee – she was very unhappy. Swati has enabled my daughter to take control of her body through a series of daily strengthening exercises. My daughter is now much happier and able to participate in a number of sports. Thank you.
Alison, parent

Swati is a lovely person (even though she gave me loads of exercises to do!) It’s hard work and annoying to have to do the exercises every day but it’s paid off. I’m really grateful for that.
Lily-Grace, 13 years old

What can I say, at a time, when all we had read was bad news about hyper mobility, we found Swati.
She was able to reassure us and more importantly our son, her character made our son feel very comfortable. A plan of exercise to strengthen core muscles, has been a tremendous help and worked extremely well. We are very glad we met Swati.
Greg (Hornchurch Essex) Parent

Monty had always been very tall, bendy and accident prone, but we had never been given any correct advice from anyone about how we could improve this despite seeing various paediatricians, physios and podiatrists. He was really starting to tire with his walking and general strength and we were worried he wasn’t going to be able to keep up with his friends. We were referred to Swati by a hypermobility specialist, who highly recommended her.
Swati was fantastic with Monty, devising a simple, fun (yet testing) routine to strengthen his core, balance and leg strength. She was so knowledgeable, reassurring, calm and fun with both Monty and I. We have been seeing Swati for 9 months with brilliant results, I never realised how much difference it would make to Monty’s life. Thank you
Penny and Monty (5 years old)